Culturae is a company that manages the spaces used by the Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche: Palazzo Bomben, the renovated church of San Teonisto, and Casa Luisa e Gaetano Cozzi. From the start, we were well aware of how essential it was to present the company and all its managed spaces, including the creation of the maps and floor plans of the spaces to be promoted.

We began with the idea of visually highlighting and enhancing the different geometric forms that characterise the entryway of each location: an arch for Palazzo Bomben, the triangular shape of the pediment above the door of San Teonisto, and a rectangle for Casa Cozzi. 

Combining these three figures, the cover is a sort of entry way too, a welcoming invitation to read and learn more about these three important cultural spaces in Treviso, Italy. 

In addition to providing information and displaying the spaces, the website allows individuals, entities and companies to book rooms for conventions, meetings, events and exhibitions from the comfort of their own computer.

qCulturae Srl
qApril 2018

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