Fatti Buoni

Metodo Studio was entrusted with the art direction and designing the corporate image of the Gabrielli group’s new premium product line. We have developed all aspects of the project on the basis of the characteristics and values of the selected products (wholesomeness, tradition, ancient methods of production): from the naming, Fatti Buoni, to brand development, from product packaging to the launch campaign. We created a brand identity that could convey to the customer the certified quality of the new premium products, selected to offer the best food products available in central Italy.

The development of the brand’s corporate identity and of the packaging of the Fatti Buoni range of products stems from thorough research and a careful study of the territory, the individuation of top production practices and the enhancement of traditional methods involved in the transformation of raw materials into table products.

qGruppo Gabrielli
qMarch 2018

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