Foglione Il paesaggio siamo noi (Leaflet: We are the landscape)

Fondazione Francesco Fabbri organised a traveling exhibition, installed in various schools in the Province of Treviso, Italy, starring the bell towers of Alta Marca. Icons of their surroundings and symbols of local identity, they were photographed as part of a ‘photo-report’ on the province. The images are accompanied by a cross-folded leaflet designed by Metodo thanks to input from the show’s curator, Roberto Masiero, and the collaboration of Carlo Sala. Without ever becoming pedantic or ordinary, the booklet is intended to convey the complexity of the region and highlight various meaningful elements in it, becoming a veritable ‘poster of the landscape’ that is easy to read and understand.

Taking the shape of a folded booklet, the order in which the pages are opened leads to a complete overview on the front, while the back becomes a poster with an explanation about the European Landscape Convention and the Observatory for the Landscape of the Alta Marca hills, including a map featuring the bell tower photographs from the exhibition. 

qFondazione Francesco Fabbri
qDecember 2018

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