Longobardi. Un popolo che cambia la storia.

Design of the visual identity for the exhibition “Longobardi. Un popolo che cambia la storia “, held at the Visconti Castle in Pavia from 01 September to 3 December 2017 and organized by Villaggio Globale. 15 years of new archaeological, epigraphic and historical-political investigations on sites and necropolises of the High Middle Ages were presented at an event defined as “epochal” in reason of the scientific research carried out in connection with it, the never-before-seen exceptional artefacts on show and for the original set up. The design of the Longobardi brand was inspired by the study and typographic analysis of the characters found in an ancient epigraph that is part of the exhibits on display.

qAssociazione Pavia Città Internazionale dei Saperi
qDecember 2017

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