Veronica Papa – Un passo indietro (A step back)

Un passo indietro (A step back) is a journal, a collection of reflections by the author, Veronica Papa, who explains a change in the way of working with and interacting with dogs over four years. The project arose from a chronological collection of the stories she published on Facebook, which was then classified by topic, so as to make them easier to find and access. 

The book offers a new way to see dogs, which inspired the inclusion of an indexing system, divided in seven categories. Each spot is visually represented through the presence of the date and different colours, which correspond to the topics covered and the addition of video sequences. The cover deserves special mention: in this illustrated interpretation of a photograph of the author with her beloved dog, the hand-drawn strokes are a reference to the book’s intense introspection.

qAssociazione Cinofila La Margherita
qNovember 2018

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