Vibo is a leader in the production of accessories for the furniture and furnishings industry. When we began working with them, they expressed the desire to shine a spotlight on their business and their manufacturing methods, which have always been characterised by a high level of quality and ongoing research. 

Along with Vibo, we collaborated with Andrea Pittari, who oversaw the product photography: a high degree of contrast was used to enhance the brand’s steel products, surrounding them by darker furnishings. 

The company’s slogan, ‘Design your space’, was translated visually to the catalogue covers through geometric forms spread throughout the space, enriched by special printing techniques.

The catalogues designed and created by Metodo are:
– Solutions: an outline of the two macro-categories (kitchens and wardrobes) that can easily be illustrated for a first look with the client

- Kitchen and Wardrobe: these two catalogues explore and illustrate the products dedicated to kitchens and wardrobes;

– Overview: summarises the types of products in the wardrobe and kitchen categories.

Our initial collaboration with Vibo Italy was followed by the creation of the brand’s new website, launched for the 2018 edition of the SICAM trade fair. Entirely redesigned, it presents the products by category and, for each item, displays images and technical specs to help users find important data and easily browse between products.

We then oversaw the re-edition of the Overview catalogue and the creation of the Urban catalogue, dedicated to the kitchen range. This single volume contains the graphic and stylistic choices that define all the catalogues, while also being distinguished for its dark, black finishes, echoing asphalt and street signs for an undeniably ‘urban’ feel.

qVibo Italy
qMay 2018

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