150th Anniversary visual identity

ClientAcca Kappa
Category Art direction, Video/Photography, Packaging
MaterialsLogo, Invitation, Shopper, Perfume case and brush

Acca Kappa celebrates their 150-year anniversary in 2020 and entrusted Metodo studio with the graphic design of the dedicated brand and packaging for products created to celebrate this important occasion: the perfume MyScent 150, a unisex fragrance created by the luminary Elisa Gera Krull, CEO of company, and the Infinito brush, handcrafted in a limited edition production run of 750 pieces.

We created the minimalist graphics that characterise their packaging using a technique that dates back to the very origins of photography: each element was exposed to light on top of a photosensitive paper, thus leaving an outline. The results were a collection of truly unique images. The superimposition of these images generated a refined black-and-white graphical composition that became the central theme of the coordinated image for their 150th anniversary celebrations.