3F Architectural

Client3F Filippi
Category Art direction, Editorial, Visual Identity
MaterialsLogo, Leaflet, Booklet

3F Filippi, the historic company specialising in the design and production of lighting systems for industrial and commercial spaces, has embarked upon a new challenge: enhancing contemporary architectural spaces, workplaces such as offices and professional settings and living spaces such as homes, hospitality and similar social contexts, through efficient and flexible lighting systems with the creation of a new line: 3F Architectural.

Metodo studio was entrusted with the task of naming and designing the branding for this new line, where the reference to the parent company’s logo is as functional as it is descriptive, as it serves to underscore the potential applications for the new production range. Metodo was responsible for developing the coordinated image by firstly designing and producing presentation and information materials. By creating the image composition using differing glass and reflections of light, we have developed a fully coordinated range of different communication materials which evoke the properties of light and the dynamism of space. The central theme is light, even in the studio shots of the lamps produced for the catalogue: the products are portrayed at different times throughout the day, showing how their effectiveness and aesthetic role varies in the environments where they are located, both at work as well as in our everyday lives. This was a major project which saw us team up with the photographer Massimo Spada, with the work set in the Bologna-based studio of a renowned Italian architect.