Social media

Category Art direction, Brand strategy
MaterialsEditorial plan, Social content for Instagram and Facebook

“Bringing joy and playfulness into homes is one of the (most important) tasks of design” says Francesca Bosa, current Art Director of Bosa ceramiche, a ceramics atelier founded by her father in 1976 and now famed throughout the world. Collaborations with international designers have given life to collections whose hues and colour combinations make the imagination take flight, inspire emotions, and create a signature style for a home interior.

At Metodo studio, we are proud of our ongoing partnership with the Bosa Maison, one that has endured for over 5 years, and to be able of contributing today to the inception of a new social media communication strategy. Communication that can only serve to lift the essence of this spirit to even greater heights: the stories, interviews, anecdotes, images, curiosities, and quotes are all curated to align and adapt to the narrative of the “tonal richness” of their objects and furnishing accessories. And just as the founder demonstrated his unique propensity to share his design adventures with experimental designers exploring new languages, so we want to share the outstandingly inventive and imaginative essence of the Bosa world through a tone which is friendly, vibrant, inviting, engaging and playful.