Brand new identity

Category Editorial, Visual Identity, Exhibition
MaterialsCatalogue, Brochure, Price list, Preview, Payoff

After a long experience in the indoor heating sector, Cadel relaunches its brand, relying on the Metodo Studio to design the communication materials.

From the restyling of the logo to the identification of the new payoff “calore al centro” (warmth in the centre), to the new website, product catalogues for both retailers and end consumers: home and domestic heat are key concepts for the development of a renewed visual identity of the Cadel products. Heat intended as the beating heart of family life, at the centre of the living space. Heat intended as a welcoming, accommodating, inviting warmth; warmth as a contemporary expression of that ancient domestic hearth, of that fire that warms and protects, and around which stories and myths have been born, and where the desire to talk, to talk about oneself and to become intimate become strong. Heat for a contemporary home: for today’s modern and environmentally aware family: for people looking for effective and efficient products; functional and with a simple yet distinctive design. A varied proposal of products that look good in any setting, which fit in with and complement today’s home. Fonts and concepts could only interpret these concepts, as they are the expression of a current and contemporary style.