CCA Website

Category Art direction, Web design, Visual Identity
MaterialsWebsite, Logo restyling, Visual Identity

Metodo studio managed the creation of the graphic design of the CCA website, (the Centre for Contemporary Arts) which was establish this year in Tashkent, with the mission of promoting and supporting contemporary culture in Central Asia.

The Studio was also responsible for creating the logo and developing the overall coordinated image of Tashkent Encounters, a specific section of the CCA website, which provides a selection of videos and films by Central Asian directors and filmmakers. The section aims not only to showcase Asian contemporary film culture and video artforms on an international circuit but above all to launch an archiving campaign to collect and safeguard the vast visual heritage of this specific geographical area. There are many initiatives being organised by the CCA and we are really proud that they have chosen us as their partner for the definition and staging of their forthcoming events. Watch the website