Park of remembrance

ClientComune di Feltre
Category Editorial, Visual Identity, Video/Photography, Exhibition
MaterialsBrochure, Video, Exhibition materials, Poster

The creation of a publication, video, exhibition, and an artistic-literary competition dedicated to young people Vaia-Grande guerra: immagini e parole per non dimenticare (The Vaia-Great War: pictures and words so as not to forget) are the cornerstones of a project promoted by the Municipality of Feltre.

Thanks to funds made available by the Veneto Region as part of the development of the territories in Veneto affected by the Vaia Storm (27-30 October 2018) to commemorate the historical events of the First World War, the Administration wanted to restore value to the city sites, retracing their history, and the sometimes tragic events that they endured, to highlight how they are fundamental parts of the community’s history. The act of deflagration (evoking the Great War) and the soaring of trees (the same ones uprooted by the Vaia storm) are the two elements, two halves of the same image, which do not unite but open up to a tomorrow of renewed perspective, a vision of the future, which must see us, today more than ever, united. Metodo Studio coordinated the visual identity of the various materials, both printed and digital.