Concept, art direction and AR experience for Metamorphosis

Category Art direction, Web design, Visual Identity, Video/Photography, Packaging
MaterialsBox, Poster, Print proof sheets, Technoformat housing, Social media campaign, Dedicated web page, Augmented Reality

Metamorphosis is the second installment from Materia Viva, the sustainable collection from Fedrigoni offering innovative high-performance technical and aesthetic solutions capable of meeting customer requirements while continually seeking improvement and a more responsible production.

“From Plastic to Paper” is a vast range of innovative and alternative papers that can be used to make products of high performance and aesthetic value with exceptional eco-friendly and renewable properties. These solutions are equal in terms of design and functionality to plastic products. Metodo studio curated the concept and design for the presentation box containing a poster, 16 print proof sheets, technoformat housing; graphics for the social media campaign; graphic layout and content structure of dedicated web page and its content. Metodo Studio was responsible for the concept, art direction, and content of the AR experience—created in collaboration with technology partner Metaverso—to delve into the technologies applied to the papers in the Materia Viva Collection.