Paper & Security

Category Web design, Visual Identity, Packaging
MaterialsBooklet, Packaging, Index, Web page, Digital animation

A box set that brings together and presents the wide range of materials and solutions proposed by the Fedrigoni Group to guarantee the safety of both the brand owner and the customer, and designed to protect products from the risk of imitation and preserve their integrity and originality.

The Brand Protection and Security solutions offer designers, printers and brand owners hi-tech, self-adhesive paper and materials, which can be used individually or in combination for greater protection. All the solutions are customisable, always guaranteeing high aesthetic appeal and excellent performance, in the different fields of application. A composite variety presented in a booklet, a selection of applied anti-counterfeiting solutions, summarised in the relative index. A chromatic index that represents and organises the complexity and combinability of the different elements on each of the mock-ups contained in the box set. The division of the materials by commercial sector and an index allow for quick navigation of the materials, which are explored individually in a booklet. A dedicated web page, a digital animation, all designed – including the concept – and created by Metodo Studio.