Candidacy leaflet for Italian Capital of Culture 2022

ClientFondazione Francesco Fabbri
Category Art direction, Editorial, Visual Identity
MaterialsLeaflet, Banner

Created to present the thinking behind the project for the candidacy of Pieve di Soligo and the Terre Alte della Marca Trevigiana as 2022 Italian Capital of Culture, the Manifesto for the territorial strategic plan – promoted by the Fondazione Francesco Fabbri and the Municipality of Pieve di Soligo – is an information document with a strong participatory appeal. It was conceived as a way to introduce principles and guidelines, i.e. objectives and actions to enhance the territory with a common and community vision until 2050.

It is the very nature of a “manifesto” that inspired us to print the document in banner format, with a total length of 10 metres for posting in the common spaces of the territory, and to be leafed through as a folded brochure but also hung and read as a whole and shared. It is stored in a folder so that a copy is available at all times for easy distribution. The graphics are in line with the Foundation’s image, using bright colours to attract attention, as well as collages, geometric shapes and drawings that provide an introduction and guide to the reader.