New Alphabet – Wim Crouwel and experimental typography

ClientMetodo studio
Category Editorial

A complete and detailed collection of the studies and typography research work of Wim Crouwel, the Dutch graphic designer who experimented with cutting-edge typefaces that revolutionised the actual concept of writing. 

Crouwel’s experiments led him to question the influence that the machine has on man as he decided to develop an absolutely revolutionary alphabet. In actual fact, the New Alphabet is considered to be one of the most interesting experiments in letter design of the latter half of the twentieth century. The book includes an interview with Crouwel and previously unpublished autograph writings and original drawings, so that it is the actual words and work of the Dutch graphic designer that describe the design and development of this new alphabet. Ample space is also given to the reactions and criticism received immediately after presentation of the New Alphabet, with the collection of a series of analyses and comments from significant figures in the field of type design, like David Quay, Sergio Polano, Gerard Unger, Max Bruinsma, Kees Broos, and Franco Grignani. By retracing its steps and analysing the various stages, this research is destined to be a valid contribution to the history of Dutch typographical experimentation.