Publishing as curating

ClientSaul Marcadent
Category Editorial

In such a complicated and layered industry such as contemporary fashion “Editoria come Curatela” by Saul Marcadent – curator and researcher at the IUAV University of Venice – shines a spotlight on the infinite opportunities for reflection that independent magazines, from their beginning to their circulation, offer their readers: thoughts on identity, creativity, artistic practices that make up what is still one of the cornerstones of society, i.e. fashion.

A visual essay, published by Marsilio, whose graphic design developed by Metodo Studio aimed to give life and highlight the wealth of themes relating to the world of fashion publishing, from the 1990s to the present day. This was done through an opening section, almost like an exhibition on the page, that showcases the work of six contemporary photographers: Benoît Béthume, Elizabeth Bick, Alan Chies, Poalo Di Lucente, Estelle Hanania and Dario Salamone, who together reflect on the performativity of these publications.