ClientFerena Lenzi
Category Web design, Visual Identity
MaterialsLogotipo, Sito Web, Biglietti da visita

Metodo Studio oversaw the new visual identity of Scripta&Co. alias Ferena Lenzi, redesigning its logotype and website. 

The latter was conceived to give maximum value to the word – Ferena’s primary tool – emphasising it through vibrant colours and clear, incisive typography. From the word to the rest: a name, a title, a thought, a presentation, a tale, a story are born from it. Scripta & Co. in fact. And knowing how to choose and put them together is no mean feat. Ferena Lenzi introduces herself and presents her work in the new website, and it is a pleasure to read her. Obviously, the words take centre stage, with different characters and weights but little else, a few colourful additions as needed so that the words do not fly, or rather remain in the ether.