Rebranding and e-commerce website

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It was way back in 1960 when the Spinosi family opened their first artisanal business in Campofilone (Fermo) producing fresh handmade egg pasta. Initially crafting Maccheroncini, today a prestigious PGI product, then Spinosini pasta, the brand based in Italy’s Marche region today boasts an international reputation. As one of the world’s premier manufacturers of fine foods, the company has an intimate understanding of how to blend the highest quality raw materials, precise pasta making techniques steeped in tradition, and close attention to the tastes and needs of consumers.

Indeed, the company’s focus on the consumer was the lynchpin of the assessment carried out by Metodo studio for the company. This led us to develop a series of interventions regarding the approach and instruments of communication the company employed, with the overarching goal of creating a more coherent, uniform and incisive brand image. We started by revising and simplifying brand identity, reviewing how the various product lines were categorised. The next step was to conduct a comprehensive restyling of the packaging. Finally, we structured and reorganised the contents of the e-commerce site – which went live in March. This latter process inevitably included objective analysis of the sales dynamics and the forms and methods of promotion and wider communications strategy through social media channels. So, a comprehensive overhaul of the marketing strategy for a company whose products are steeped in history, but which has shown the wisdom to move with the times – and that goes for their choice of ingredients too.