Our commitment is to create effective communication which is visually impactful and strategic in its content.

We avoid the superficial and the ordinary, preferring instead to rely on research and creativity to deliver projects characterised by a precise identity, which always maintain a tight focus on the needs and requirements of our clients.

The Team

Paolo Palma and Alessio Romandini together boast an impressive professional track record, and in 2014 they teamed up to establish Metodo, a communication and design studio. Art direction, brand identity, editorial projects, exhibition design and web design: all this is Metodo. The name means “research, inquiry, investigation”. The results thus obtained are then applied to develop the most suitable tools and methods to promote content, products, services, and events, through close and constant dialogue with clients to ensure the successful achievement of a common goal. Metodo can also draw upon a well-established network of highly experienced professional contacts coming from many sectors, established over many years, with whom they collaborate to ensure projects are original and complete. Among the objectives the studio considers most important is the fostering of the culture of communication design, by promoting the exchange of ideas and the creation of experimental projects.

Paolo Palma — Founder, Art Director

Paolo studied at The Higher Institute for Artistic Industries (ISIA) in Urbino and collaborated with the Dolcini Associati studio in Pesaro. In 1999, he began a collaboration with Fabrica, the Benetton group communication research centre. From 2001 to 2006 he was Art director of the Fabrica Factory and from 2005 also of the Colors Magazine. In 2005 he founded and was Art director of Heads Collective, a graphic design studio in Treviso. From 2011 to 2014 he was professor of graphic design at ISIA in Urbino and since 2014 he has been a professor at the IUAV University of Venice, Faculty of Design and Arts, teaching the Degree Course in Industrial Design.

Alessio Romandini — Founder, Art Director

Alessio graduated in Industrial and Environmental Design at the University of Camerino in 2004, creating the portal for the natural parks within the Marche Region. 
In 2005 he continued his studies at ISIA in Urbino, attending a Master's Degree course in graphic design systems. In 2007, after moving to Treviso, he joined the Heads Collective graphic design studio. In 2012 he completed his studies by preparing his thesis on territorial communication and conducting research on the identity of Val Vibrata. In 2013 he collaborated with the CCRZ design and architecture studio.